What we do.

We provide physicians the only universal patient discharge notification platform to make, receive and track patient transition of care information.
The Sign Out Now solution solves our current, patient handoff communication problem, and improve the care and safety of patient care.
Accountable communication on every patient discharge.
Reduce hospital re-admission rates.
Captalize on Medicare billing codes. Up to $230 per office visit

Member Types

Basic Member
Lifetime Free Membership
  • Send patient discharge notices.
  • Receive patient discharge notices.
  • Track patient discharge notices.
Premiere Member
Your office staff can help manage your patients.
  • Includes all Basic Member features.
  • Recognition as a Premiere Member.
  • Grant Read access to individual staff members.
  • Grant discharge Drafting access to individual staff members.
  • Allow individual staff members to Send discharge notices.
Medicare Call-Back Management
Earn upto $230 per office visit.
  • Includes all Premiere Member features.
  • Capitalize on high paying Medicare Care Codes.
  • Receive Medicare patient discharge alerts.
  • Automate patient communication to ensure meeting Medicare requisite part 1 (99495-6).
  • Detailed status log of discharged Medicare patients.

Free Basic Membership

This is Free for Physicians.
  • Send... Quick & Easy.
    Send quick and easy patient discharge notifications to accepting physicians.
  • Receive.
    Receive secure patient discharge notifications instantly.
  • Track.
    Track the status of whether a patient discharge notification was read.

Premiere Membership

Your time is important... Staff Management System

A Premiere Membership adds our Staff Management features to your account. This allows you to include your office staff, so you can do what you need to do.

When you receive a patient discharge notice, you and your staff can be immediately notified. So if you are out of town, or not available, your staff can help manage your discharged patients. This includes adding a physician partner to your team in case you are away for an extended time. Add and remove anyone to your staff team at any time.

To help with sending a patient discharge notices, you can specify individual or multiple staff members to be able to create draft patient discharge notices. Simply review the drafted discharge notice then record and send your patient discharge information. Save time by having your staff prepare the basic notification information.

Additionally, your have the option to grant access to specific staff members to record and send patient discharge notices.

Medicare Call-Back Management

Capitalize on up to $230 per Medicare office visit.
Don’t miss out on your Medicare patients.

Sign Out Now will help ensure that Primary Care Physicians capture the new Medicare transitional care codes 99495-6.

  • a) The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS) new overall strategy involves improving quality and reducing cost by investing in care coordination that could help reduce hospital readmission rates.
  • b) CMS estimates it will pay 600 million for transitional care services in 2013, with the majority going to the Primary Care Physician.
  • c) CMS estimates that Primary Care Physicians will receive on average 7% increase in Medicare payments due to the new coder. Code 99495-6.

New Medicare Transitional Care Codes (99495 & 99496)

Up to $230 per Office Visit
To meet the Medicare office code, you must meet 2 requisites:
  • 1) Communication (direct contact, telephone, electronic) with patient and/or caregiver within 2 business days post discharge.
  • 2) Conduct a face-to-face visit within either:
    • a) 14 calendar days (99495 moderate complexity), or
    • b) 7 calendar days (99496 severe complexity).